Coca-Cola Andina's Liliam Cabrera talks about her experience this year as a client.

Equipo Zippedi
Enero 3, 2023

How would you evaluate the 2022 relationship between Zippedi and Coca-Cola Andina?

The relationship between Andina and Zippedi is great, at the beginning it was hard for us to define what was going to be our objectives that we wanted to achieve with the pilot, but as we kept working I feel it has worked amazingly. Zippedi gave their all so that the pilot worked perfectly, without a doubt. We met weekly and we consistently had follow-ups. When we wanted to see something, Zippedi was always available. I feel that I have learned so much. We had some errors, obviously, of which we have learned from and we won’t make the same mistakes for the next project. We are very happy to have worked with Zippedi.

What importance does Coca-Cola Andina have regarding approaching new technology?

For Coca-Cola Andina, approaching new technology this year went very well. We work extremely hard to implement what will be the innovation route in our internal company, in which we contemplate various pillars and between those pillars is the power to surround ourselves around innovation, so we scouted more than 60 different startups this year that we contacted and who contacted us and those of which we were in contact with did more than 10 concept tests to try the technology they were offering and of those concept tests we worked on 6 projects with them this year. In regards to the type of technology we tested there was something of everything; we have artificial intelligence, advanced analytics, robotics, automations, everything. So we are closing this year very happy having grown so much and having this entire profile of companies in the ecosystem that can contact us and that we are able to contact each time we need reinforcements in any of our projects.

What are your expectations for 2023?

As Andina, we hope that in 2023 we can continue growing as we have done this year. We want to always be at the forefront in the ecosystem of innovation, which is what is most important to us. Always looking for new technology, innovative projects, and startups that offer us new things is fundamental for us. Being able to build relationships with universities with which we are already working with and with even more universities. Growing in all fields that has to do with innovation and if it’s possible, being super present in the ecosystem, participating in contests, events, or anything that might come up. This is our big objective for 2023, to grow and follow the same line that we took in 2022.

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