You can’t manage what you can’tmeasure

Our leadership

Luis Vera

CEO & Founder

Alvaro Soto

Chief Research 
Officer & Founder

Ariel Schilkrut

President, Product &
Strategy & Founder

Zacharias Gursky

SVP of Business Development

Vicente Viñuela

Chief Operating Officer

Rodrigo González

VP of Software Engineering

Shai Agosin

Regional VP & Global Marketing

Kishor Taywade

VP of Product

Iván Lillo

VP of Robotics and Fleet Management

Sebastián Oyanedel

VP of Customer Success

We deliver
value through…

Most accurate real-time data


Real-time replica: We create a digital model of the entire store and capture shelf metadata to show you what’s really going on.

3 core technologies: AI-powered robots use 3 leading technologies: Autonomous navigation, image recognition, and converting images into data and action.

Cloud-based: We leverage the computing power of the cloud to ensure better image capture, seamless algorithm updates, and less disruption for retailers.

End-to-end accuracy: Our end-to-end process means the highest quality data possible.

A collaborative platform that empowers action


Collaborative platform: We optimize the data captured and share it through a platform to empower easy collaboration, informed decision-making, and better customer experiences.

Data-driven actions: We translate data into specific tasks through our mobile App, Bruno. Agregar lo del third party solution.

A proprietary consortium that’s cost-effective


Fair and equitable: We spread the cost of our technology through a proprietary industry consortium comprised of leading retailers, CPG manufacturers, and LMDs. Everybody pays their fair share, making it cost-effective for all.

Optimal budgets: This unique approach optimizes budgets and lowers the total cost of operations for retail execution.

Data monetization: We can help you monetize the data collected in a myriad of ways to serve you and your customers better.

Ready to scale


Built to scale: Our complete operating system is built and ready to scale.

Phased rollouts for maximum value: Full chain rollouts create maximum value for the CPGs and server provides, and also, a phased approach with a clear vision of timing and execution.

Speed-to-market: We can do it faster than any competitor – from a few days to a few weeks.

Fun facts about Zippy!

The 533,549,103 photos taken by the Zippys can be translated into the photos 50,000 cellphones could take.

The 562,859,598 scanned SKUs by Zippys are almost twice the number of people living actually in the US.

The 418,564,468 feet traveled by Zippys is equivalent to taking 3.20 laps around the Earth.

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