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Retail refers to the sale of goods or services to consumers through physical or online stores. It is the final stage in the supply chain, where products are made available to consumers for purchase. Involves a wide range of activities, including buying products from wholesalers or manufacturers, managing inventory, pricing, and promotion of products, and providing customer service. The ultimate goal of retail is to sell products at a profit while satisfying customer needs and preferences.

Solutions for the industries


Stock availability, verify that prices and labels are correct, check that the availability and space of each product is correct.

Data analysis

The data processed by the robot is used to: digitize the shelf, increase control of point-of-sale management processes, generate metrics and strengthen the data.

View tasks

Once this data is processed, it is visualized through the task manager with a series of dashboards either on the website that we enable for the client or Bruno's APP, which contains 6 main tasks that are displayed: stockout, reposition, promotion, price, landmark, adjustment.


With the implementation of the tasks, you can save hours of manual survey based on opportunities in terms of replenishment, price changes, missing assortment, implementation of promotional signage, etc.

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