Bruno App

Bruno App, created by Zippedi, is a task management application designed to enhance store operations, enabling you to complete tasks with greater speed and efficiency.


Why Bruno App?

  • Greater security and usability
  • Faster response time of the application
  • Integrated support channel
  • New features such as: Product search via scanner, manual task generator via scanner, and new data such as in-transit stock availability (if available)


Are you a client?

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Frequently asked questions


What’s the usage?

With Bruno App, you can perform your tasks faster and more efficiently. We have included new features related to usability and relevant information such as in-transit stock if the necessary data is provided. Other features are coming soon!


How much space will the app take up on my phone?

The test package for the app weighs about 70 MB (APK for Android or IPA on iOS).


Do I need to grant permission for the app to function on my device?

Given the scanner functionality, the app will request access to the camera.


Can I manage tasks without an internet connection?

Accessing your tasks without an internet connection is a feature that we are considering for future updates. For this version, it will only be possible via a mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.


Do I need an email to access Bruno?

Yes, you need to provide us with an email to create your account on Bruno after purchasing the service. This will allow you to activate it and recover your password if necessary.


Are you not receiving emails to access the app?

When activating your account and receiving your temporary password, as well as when recovering your password, you may receive the email in your spam folder. Please remember to check it!


What language is the application in?

The language will depend on the language assigned to your device, but you will have the option to translate to Spanish and English, and soon to German.